Monday, October 08, 2012

Broken Glasses

Last February I took Abby and William with me as I went to the eye doctor. I already knew they were nearsighted and so I wanted to see if they needed to be corrected. Turns out they did. Both of them. So we picked out their snazzy new glasses and my contacts and went home. I felt like I should check Alex, but surely he was only 3 and didn't need glasses yet.

Turns out he needed them worst of all and got his own pair of glasses in August. So three of my four babies now have glasses. Ages 7, 5, and 3. Well, we always knew our kids would have fat feet and bad eyes. Still, I feel bad for them that they are so young. And honestly I expected broken glasses given their ages.  I have been surprised and impressed that all of the kids have done so well taking care of and keeping track of their glasses. Alex struggles a bit, but he is 3.

So I wasn't surprised last night when William came down crying that his glasses were broke. Alex fell on him and the front corner of the frames snapped. He didn't take them to school today and a neighbor in his class asked where his glasses were, and can he see? William replied matter of a fact, "I can mostly see. It's just those mountains over there. They are soggy!" I laughed and asked if he meant blurry. Yes, that was what he meant. So cute. I love the words the kids come up with when they don't know the word they need.

In other news, Amy got her second tooth this weekend. The makes 2 teeth at 10 months. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down with her eating thankfully. We also tore out the grass in our backyard so we can put in pavers. The kids all had a great time helping. Alex was the big buff man trying to lift the same pieces I was, while Abby and William dug the grass out with James. Hopefully we can get the patio done before the snow flies and Abby's baptism!

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