Monday, October 08, 2012

Broken Glasses

Last February I took Abby and William with me as I went to the eye doctor. I already knew they were nearsighted and so I wanted to see if they needed to be corrected. Turns out they did. Both of them. So we picked out their snazzy new glasses and my contacts and went home. I felt like I should check Alex, but surely he was only 3 and didn't need glasses yet.

Turns out he needed them worst of all and got his own pair of glasses in August. So three of my four babies now have glasses. Ages 7, 5, and 3. Well, we always knew our kids would have fat feet and bad eyes. Still, I feel bad for them that they are so young. And honestly I expected broken glasses given their ages.  I have been surprised and impressed that all of the kids have done so well taking care of and keeping track of their glasses. Alex struggles a bit, but he is 3.

So I wasn't surprised last night when William came down crying that his glasses were broke. Alex fell on him and the front corner of the frames snapped. He didn't take them to school today and a neighbor in his class asked where his glasses were, and can he see? William replied matter of a fact, "I can mostly see. It's just those mountains over there. They are soggy!" I laughed and asked if he meant blurry. Yes, that was what he meant. So cute. I love the words the kids come up with when they don't know the word they need.

In other news, Amy got her second tooth this weekend. The makes 2 teeth at 10 months. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down with her eating thankfully. We also tore out the grass in our backyard so we can put in pavers. The kids all had a great time helping. Alex was the big buff man trying to lift the same pieces I was, while Abby and William dug the grass out with James. Hopefully we can get the patio done before the snow flies and Abby's baptism!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life Now...

I never blog. I would love to think that I am wonderful with words and I like to blog, but mostly I'm just a talker, not a blogger. I do love watching all of the fun things my friends do and keeping up with them since most of us live so far away from each other. So thanks everyone who does blog.

So, it's been a year since I've said much. Most of our life, as far as pics go, are at our website, James is amazing at keeping that up to date with our pictures. But I would be sad if I didn't write a little something every once in awhile to remind myself of what is going on in my life now.

Now...Abby is so grown it makes me sad and proud at the same time. I love that I can talk to her, and reason with her, and some days, her idea of a good time is hanging out with me learning to sew or cook. This week we will pass yet another milestone as we send our oldest baby to kindergarten. I thought it was an eternity away. I thought that my long days with 3 kids home at once, all day, would never come to an end. And, it is ending. I was so excited until I realized that at this point, they will all go to school in the next few years and this part of my life will be over. I'll be the soccer mom, the
chauffeur, the pta mom. But, just home all the time mom...well maybe, just without the kids. How lonely. I think I appreciate the home crazy a little more all of the sudden. Now it will be the running around crazy. Does that mean life will go even faster?...

Off track, Now... William suddenly made a huge 180 degree turn in his interests. It used to be cars and now it is ships. Except, with his speech it comes out like chip. His opening conversation line with the lady in the checkout store, the librarian, the lady at church, and the neighbors is: "My Nana gave me a pirate ship". But when you hear it, it sounds like: my nana nave me a pire chip". It's adorable. His speech has improved a lot. We will be going into a new class in a few weeks. He has problems with the letters that use the back of the mouth, g, c, k, and some others like sh, s. We just keep at it. He's incredibly smart, it's just translating all that he is trying to tell me. He likes to snuggle, be read to, run, jump, and even help me pick up. So grown...

Now...Alex is a really big boy. He has always been a really big boy. He reminds me of the really nice, HUGE, linebacker that everyone wants to be friends with just to make sure no one bothers them. He is really nice, and he really likes wrestling and tackling. I think that it is because so far he wins. Lets see, he's only 1 and he can take down his almost 6 year old sister...hmm. I'm just trying to make sure he doesn't accidentally become the neighborhood bully. He has the best belly laugh and is always cheerful. I love happy babies.

Now... James just went to Glacier Lake with my Dad on their BMW motorcycles. They had a great time, went 1760 miles in 4 days. And I think they would have gone again the next week if they could have. Mom and I went to the quilt stores. I found the materials for our family stockings. I can't wait to get them done. I think it's kinda lame on my part that we've been married 8 years and have 3 kids and are still functioning on hand me down, or old worn out stockings. Enough! I'm a mom with a family. My own family! Let's get with the program! I also found a skirt to make for Abby and actually got it done. I should post it. It's the cutest thing I ever saw. And the best part, she loves it too. It is so discouraging to put that kind of time into things and then the kid hates it. So, warm happy...I was a good mom at least once this week.

Now... We love our house, our neighborhood, we have new friends and still see the old ones. Family is good, fun, fulfilling. I got a part time job for some of the nights. I love getting a little bit of a break. I want to take a class again. I miss learning. I might try a religion class this semester. Just to do something new. James is an amazing dad. He has jumped into our new routine with me working and he is awesome. He's always cheerful when I come home. Dinner was made (hot dogs one night, eggs and bacon and toast one night, grilled cheese one least it's not cold cereal), they are all in bed when I get home and he is usually cleaning the kitchen. Go James. Even I hate cleaning the kitchen after dinner because I have usually been in the kitchen for several hours and refuse to stay there any longer. He is so good to me. Life is good...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The boys woke up before Abby this morning. Abby had a nightmare in the middle of the night, so she slept on the couch. I got up with the boys and told them to go downstairs for breakfast. They beat me down, and when I found them, William was yelling in Abby's face, saying good morning and telling her it was time to eat. Alex had climbed up on her back and was pretending she was a pony. The first thing that came to mind: Bonzai! This one is for you Tiff! What a good memory!